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Trump says he’s totally f*ucked.

In the Mueller report released yesterday, there were a lot of new tentacles to the Trump-Russia saga. But if you take a step back, we didn’t really learn anything shockingly new. Trump’s still a bad guy. He and his team lie to reporters. Beto O’Rourke had it right: this whole nightmare will be decided in November 2020. On impeachment before then, let’s be careful what we wish for. Trump on the ballot in 2020 might well be helpful for Dems. Eye on the prize and the prize is taking back the White House, U.S. Senate, and Texas House.

Empower Texans is a suing machine. 

Yet again the far right political group powered by a Midland oilman is suing to force Republican State Rep. Charlie Geren to issue the group media credentials. Press passes are for legitimate news organizations – not partisan hacks. But Empower says its first amendment rights are being violated. Give us a break. 

In the big picture, who cares about some silly press pass? Conservatives have successfully built their own media empire in Texas to get their message out. The Far Right places a premium on winning the PR and message war, and the media credential situation is another play toward these ends. It lends a patina of credibility. It places Empower in the official press box for Texas, enabling them to filter and frame information coming out of the Legislature – to their liking.

The Real Texas.

The liberal coasts of New York and San Francisco can have terrible intellectual snootiness when it comes to Texas. They sometimes look down on the South, thinking their own stuff don’t stink. (It does, of course.) To a degree, you can’t blame them for some of the extreme policies coming out of Texas government. But: there’s a difference between our state government and the people of Texas who live here. State political leaders— largely white sexagenarian men – do not reflect or represent the views of a huge chunk of the 28 million people who live here. Our story.

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