Military veteran Pete Buttigieg is runing for president against the “horror show” in Washington


The 37-year-old mayor from the Midwest, Pete Buttigieg, officially announced his campaign for President on Sunday. During his speech in South Bend, Indiana, he told his own story – and one he wants to see the country live up.

“[T]his time, it’s not just about winning an election — it’s about winning an era,” said Buttigieg in his announcement speech. “The horror show in Washington is mesmerizing, all-consuming. But starting today, we are going to change the channel. Sometimes a dark moment brings out the best in us, what is good in us, dare I say, what is great in us.”

Freedom is a major theme of his campaign, which is focusing on health care, immigration, the economy, and climate change. Buttigieg is a military veteran.

The men and women in his unit “cared about whether my M-4 was locked and loaded, not whether I was going home to a girlfriend or a boyfriend,” referring to the freedom to marry, secured nationwide in 2015. Mayor Pete’s husband is online sensation Chasten Buttigieg.

Watch his full speech.

Video from PBS. Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

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