DNC looking at Houston for 2020 convention


3/11 update: The DNC has chosen Milwaukee for its convention.

The Democratic National Committee has decided on three finalist cities (Houston, Milwaukee, and Miami) for its 2020 poo-bah convention highlighting the party’s presidential nominee. A decision is imminent in the next week or so.

“[Tom] Perez aides say logistics are the most important factor in the decision,” the AP reports. “The details go well beyond the arena space that most voters will see on prime-time television, extending to everything from hotel capacity and transportation plans to move thousands of delegates and dignitaries to vistas for television networks and space for inevitable protesters.

“Beyond those factors, the three finalists hope to provide the party nominee with a compelling narrative about the Democratic Party.”

Logistics are critical from a business perspective but, ultimately, secondary. The narrative coming out of a venue in reddish Texas can’t be beat. Neither can Houston’s food.

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